The UNITED STATES TACTICAL RESOURCE MANAGEMENT CENTER provides professional training, consultation, assessment and certification in the areas and matters of:



  • General policing and law enforcement
  • Police tactical SWAT training
  • Police tactical incidents, operations and incident command
  • SWAT Team assessment and accreditation
  • Legal and constitutional issues
  • Pro Se courtroom preparation, presentation and representation
  • Leadership, management and supervision
  • Political, social and domestic problems
  • Public and private negotiations and arbitrations
  • Public and private investigations
  • Self defense, protection, and protective services




The USTRMC provides these professional services for you based on reason, knowledge, wisdom, research, practical experience, truth and justice, and which are supported by a resource network.




This multi-dimension resource and service is dedicated and committed to the assistance of local, state, and federal Law Enforcement, Fire and Military agencies and personnel, in support and defense of their public service, and to the assistance of people, in support and defense of their inalienable rights of life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness.




The USTRMC will provide the most professional, progressive and comprehensive service for the most economical and affordable cost.   Arrangements are available to offset and defray costs.



  • Immediate action oriented, academic and practical solutions are achieved.


  • Intense, essential, practical and challenging TRAINING is conducted.




The UNITED STATES TACTICAL RESOURCE MANAGEMENT CENTER distinguishly provides follow up service and support.




The UNITED STATES TACTICAL RESOURCE MANAGEMENT CENTER is comprised of a professional, integral, honorable and uniquely qualified staff of people, who are dedicated and committed to the service of others.




The USTRMC has  founded and established, and continually initiates and develops internationally recognized and accepted  model leadership and tactical concepts, principles, procedures and practical applications for law enforcement high risk incident action and resolution.



  • ON-site, OFF-site and ON-line training courses are available.




Before you do anything else, please contact the USTRMC any time, day or night, for this exceptional and exclusive service for you.   This service is unmatched. 




CONTACT:  sdintino@ustrmc.org     Tel.:  610-656-0176





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